Brown Braided Headband


Hand braided headband, with 20+ neutral feathers attached to the side. This is wonderful for fall fashion, and you can pair it with anything!

Headband is one size fits all, has an elastic adjustable.

Some Native American cultures believed colors meant the following:
Brown (Knowing): Self-discipline
Gray (Honoring): Friendship
White (Magnetism): Sharing

Worn by fashion blogger Lisa Olsson

Feathers- Representing the Creative Force, and are taken from birds with the attribute for which they might be used: goose flight feathers to fledge an arrow. Geese are known for their long flights; Eagle feathers for honor & connect the user with the Creator. To decorate a kachina mask Turkey feathers are commonly used. Feathers may appear plain, barred, banded, or decorated.
Worn by Victoria Justice in BOP Magazine